To use FTP, you must specify the host name, the path from your login directory to the directory where you want the image to be stored, the FTP user name and password. Set up the audio The Audio tab, as shown in Figure 3. Select the Video Source from the drop-down list. A little grey remote control shows up in the right part of your tray. Frame size Refers to the size of a video window, usually described in pixel. To remotely control his camera, you just need to click on the Autoconnect button which will detect the IP address of his system.

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By default, your camera will capture a video at x pixels. In other words it is a one-to-many communication.

Ainnov is an example of what you can do: Videum supports full-duplex audio ivdeum all conditions. Video clips are stored on hard disk, which document any intrusion. It can keep an More information. Pixel Smaller unit which describes a picture. Tags minrray SmallHD magewell Lumens accessories cinema camera wooden camera cloud comptuing amazon web services acloud atem.


Or visit our newsgroups. Help files We include several help files that will greatly help you when developing your own applications. This gives the best results for moving objects. System Requirements Your system must meet the system requirements.

Table of Contents Chapter 1. Silent alarms can winno broadcasted over the Internet. Frame rate Number of frame of video displayed within one second.

Videum VO Plus. Videum Plus Videum Conference Pro XP – PDF

While your laptop image is projected. Encoding A method of compressing audio and video to turn it from analog to a digital format. To get the maximum vertical resolution, the Videum board needs to digitize both fields. All specifications are therefore subject to change.

Videum Plus – Winnov

The Stop Motion dialog box is displayed. Close Videum Capture and start it again to see the insignia you just added on your video s. Accepts data in a variety of ways: Jack connectors Connectors used for analog audio signals.

Example For example, you can use audio and video clips to enhance documents. It puls become one of the most industrial computers.


Videum Plus supports square pixel resolution, providing you with maximum performance and maximum flexibility. Sampling How often you measure analog video signals for transmission – ex. Use the drawing tools to create or edit videym insignia 4.

Videum 1000 Plus – Winnov

It will enable you to connect a composite or s-video video signal. Select either Videum or your existing sound card as audio playback device. Operating Ainnov for Conferencing Phone Manager. Check the Auto start Server at login time.

Define the frame rate lpus whether or not you want to capture audio along with your video. You can find two different definitions of YUY2: Gotcha activates capturing as soon as motion is detected in those areas defined.