Latest products in our mobile pc database. I tried the OQO but could not imagine typing with it. Not being able to rotate the mbook’s screen isn’t an issue for me because I’m personally not a fan of slates and I simply don’t use my handheld computers like that. Acer Aspire E11 ES1 UMID need to work on this. Wondering about typing speeds? This could be a deal-breaker for you so pay attention.

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UMID Mbook M1 Full Review

I could type much faster with a good thumb board and a terrible touch-type keyboard. A convertible clamshell is probably the most versatile form factor since it can be used as a handheld, tablet, and mini laptop, but I think a non-convertible clamshell comes in second. The headphones supplied use a special jack and are low quality ymid.

A dive into the range of processors and features from Intel. Unfortunately, I would go so far as to say that it is impossible to touch-type exactly as you would on a regular laptop using the M1. Not being able to rotate the mbook’s screen isn’t an issue for me because I’m personally not a fan of slates and I simply don’t use my handheld computers like that.

What is even more ironic about this is that the M1 is actually spacious enough to allow for a great thumb-board. Thumb-typing is more natural than attempting to come up with a new modified less efficient way of the touch-typing that people are used to.


It isn’t without its share of flaws, but none of the mbook’s shortcomings is a true dealbreaker to me. For others it could uimd exactly what the doctor ordered!

Are installing Windows XP to Everun note from scrath? Everything else, however, is the same as on the low-end black model: The list was just so unbalanced that I think sharing it will be more useful to prospective buyers than my typical style.

I mentioned earlier that the WiFi and Bluetooth radios are automatically turned off ymid the UMID mbook awakens from standby, which is probably how most users keep their systems when not in use because of the fast resume time and excellent battery life.

Good design, good aesthetic, surprisingly friendly launch price etc. Visit the UMID mbook M1 forum to connect with users and potential buyers, ask questions, and share tips I’m thumb typing on the UMID mbook M1 at a net speed of about 45 wpm and multi-finger typing at about 47 wpm.

One of most immediately off-putting anomalies about the mbook M1 is the lack of standard ports. Best in class but that class needs to be improved? The casing isn’t ruggedized in any way, but it feels sturdy enough to throw around and withstand everyday wear and tear. I personally would not paint myself into a corner by purchasing the pink one, as the resell rate will probably be lower due to the color. At long last, this is the best design I have read about for a umpc in over 5 years of watching this market.


Yes, the device needs getting used to, setting up, tweaking — making umld work for YOU …. What I do have trouble with, however, are the keys that require the Fn and shift keys to be pressed at the same time.

Review: UMID mbook M1 – Pocketables

I currently use the Fujitsu lifebook U and like it very much, but it is still much too large for my jacket pocket. Although great for tablet-top use and over a period of two weeks, not as bad as first thought. Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops. Since others may feel differently, I’ll add that the 4. This always-on usage mode is something that should be highlighted. Lenovo Ideapad Flex How ridiculous is that! There’s no question about whether it can comfortably fit into a pocket either.

Posted on 17 September by Chippy.

UMID’s M1 gets reviewed: tiny and functional, but far from perfect

There are lots of things that worry me about this device, especially the screen hinge. A good balance between mobility and productivity.

This is fine for tabletop use but not exactly ideal for handheld use. Especially the part about the angle of the screen, that would be a major problem for ymid.