There is a big difference between Resetting a router and Rebooting a router. It seems like you haven’t allowed notifications in your browser. Your can reset your Technicolor TC in the following way s: How can i change my router password from admin to my personalized pw. To do that you need to start from the first page:. Resetting involves changing the router settings back to its factory defaults.

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I have the tc al of the sudden my internet connection is cut off. Navigate to the port forwarding section. This third step involves finding the port forwarding section of the router.

Technicolor TC7200 Router – How to Factory Reset

Here we are also provide Reboot methods of Technicolor routers. If your username and password do not work then please check out our Default Technicolor Router Passwords page and try some other common Technicolor usernames and passwords.

If you have already changed the password use that instead.

Click the Advanced link. It doesn’t matter which one just pick your favorite.

I cannot log in to a Technicolor TC router – Internet – DNA Support Forum

It should look like this:. A firewall basically blocks all connections to and from the Internet unless your router tells it otherwise. Hi Ralph, if you are using the Tecnicolor TC router as well, then all the instructions that we have available for this modem can be found at the webpage: If you can tecchnicolor get logged in tehnicolor your Wireless router, here a few possible solutions you can try.


Your can reset your Technicolor TC in the following way s:.

Hi Elppa, normally that should work when you just re-enter the password as well and press “apply”. The complete instructions for the modem is only available in Finnish via DNA. If you are still having problems, contact Technicolor customer care department.

Technicolor TC Router Open Port Guide

So when the modem is onyou go to the settings page http: Default router ip solution doesn’t work, just reduces issues if on one computer is connected to router. To change the password, go to the settings page http: I’m also trying to log in. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leaving the username and password sections empty doesn’t work.

After you have entered the IP address of the Technicolor TC router simply press the Enter button on your keyboard. Forgot Password to Technicolor TCU Router If your Internet Service Provider supplied you with your router then you might want to try giving them a call and see if they either know what your router’s username and password are, or maybe they can reset it for you.


If you still can not get logged in then you are probably going to have tc72000 Hard reset your router to its default settings.

Or you can use our free software called Router IP Address. If you did not see your router’s ip address in the list above. This is to help protect your home network against unwanted access from the Internet.

Below are the device manuals available for your TC First of all the Technicolor TC router has a basic firewall. I’ve read the manual countless of times. Hi, please try signing in to http: Follow this post 30 followers. If you still can’t login to your router because you forgot your Technicolor TC router username and password, use our How to Reset a Router guide to set your Technicolor TC router back to its factory settings.

The post is closed to further comments. Hi John, please reset your modem. If you want to change a specific port to bridge mode, you choose “enable” for that port and “apply”.