ODBC drivers for Paradox 5 tables 2. I can’t seem to get the recordset to do anything. Website , My drum website where I sell my drum books. No, not at all. Do you have a question or suggestion? The only way I know to get that driver is to purchase P9 Dev Edition. Enter your name and security key.

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ODBC drivers for Paradox 5 tables 2. Another question about SQL Server. Anonymous is correct; but oebc missed one location to find the setup files.

Inquiring minds wanna know. Martin Ziacek Jul Try this for your connection string ODBC paravox for Paradox tables? When you will write code in Basic and use several queries then you can simulate your code.

PrestwoodBoards: Paradox 7 ODBC driver

Jeremy Falcon Jul Articles Quick Answers Messages. But the rds is not setup right. Tue, 17 Jul It looks like maybe I need to install the “Client Tools”? Posted 17 years ago Thread Starter.


c# – Is it possible to read to a Paradox 7.x .db file in a .Net app? – Stack Overflow

Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1, articles. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Odbc driver for paradox 7. Thu, 19 Jul Dale McGar Delphi Developer.

Thanks for your reply, and your suggestions about access db and it’s limitations!!! That ODBC driver would work best for osbc. No, not at all. Could you tell me what language you are using? I can now connect to the database!! However, in my Visual Studio Server Explorer, the “Generate Create Scripts” item appears in the context menu but it is disabled grayed out.

Here is my connection string like what I am using: IMHO Inprise should make it easy for developers to provide access to Paradox if they want us to use it. Create database schema for distribution scrozier Jul 6: Coding Websites Computer Tech. Do you see a problem?


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I moved the database from the public folder like you suggested. Here’s what I did. Message Board -New Activity.

Get Started Page eMag: Thanks in advance Kubilay.