If you find that you are running in Bit mode, you may want to try switching to Bit or vice versa. Statement caching can be enabled by setting the StmtCacheSize connection string attribute to a value greater than zero. The stored procedure or function being called could be either standalone or packaged. Not all machines will have Oracle installed in the same place, so you may have to modify step 2 to match your installation folder. Connect and Set Provider-specific Attributes.

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With the use of ITransactionLocal interface, consumers may explicitly start a transaction for a particular session, allowing a unit of work to be explicitly committed or aborted by the consumer. Annjawn 4, 3 35 Subsequent sessions that are created establish their own independent connections to the particular Oracle server specified by the data source properties. Sample data illustrating insertion and retrieval operations using each of the Timestamp data types. Diogenes Chepe Ardines Salazar 1 When enabled, the provider displays the dialog box to change the password.

The Timestamp data types include: The detection of the client’s and the server’s character set is performed during logon.

c# – provider is not registered on the local machine – Stack Overflow

If you are getting this in a C projet, check if you are running in bit or bit mode with the following code:. Memory – The provider stores all the rowset data in-memory. However, if the attributes are provided, these new values override the default registry values.

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It only worked for me after I changed the ‘Platform target’ to ‘x64’ considering I’m using Oracle 12c 64 bits. praoledb

If statement caching is disabled or if this property is set to falsethen the executed statement is not cached. By setting it at the command object, the consumer orapledb able to set the property only for the command object executing stored procedures which are returning rowsets. The scott account is included in the Oracle starter database.

Microsoft Windows and NT 4. Transactions OraOLEDB supports local and distributed transactions, which provide explicit commit and abort transactional operations. The list of Providers in the Linked Server is populated from the Providers key in the registry.

However, when new data is submitted to the database, the database only performs the update if the rowset data was not already updated by another user, which means that dirty writes are not allowed. Uninstall any previous Oracle driver and double-check that there are no traces left behind in registry or folders. All command and rowset objects created from a particular session object are part of the transaction of that session. Building on Der Wolfs tip, I uninstalled the Oracle client and installed it again, right-clicking on the setup program, and running it as Administrator.

It can be especially useful in creating global Internet applications supporting as many languages as the Oraoeldb standard entails. For more information on Visual Basic date formats, refer to your Visual Basic documentation.


If the client character set is a superset of the server’s, then the provider operates in the nonUnicode mode. Run the project and check the results.

Introduction to Oracle Provider for OLE DB

It cannot be NULL. In order for the OleDbDataAdapter. The default is 1 which indicates that sessions are enabled for distributed transaction enlistments. Stored Procedure Returning Multiple Rowset s. Consumers are required to use the ODBC procedure call escape sequence to call stored procedure s or functions having N data type parameters.

Nuno G 1, 1 9 See Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide for more information. An updatable rowset can be created oroaledb setting the Updatability and IRowsetChange properties on the command object. Providing a high value for orraoledb attribute improves performance, but requires more memory to store the data in the rowset.

After all references to the session object are released, the session object is removed from memory and the connection is dropped. Table Custom Properties for Commands.