I feel like a fool to have signed the contract! It is sad how Canadians get treated with all the tax money that has gone into the high tech industry. Before It was in the shop Bell sent an email saying I was using it to much and was going to be over my plan. Use the Novatel Turbo Stick U at a summer cottage. Help from Bell is shameful and time consuming. I would like to rate them lower, but 1 is the worst possible rating. Now have to waste my time tripping over to the Bell office.

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I feel like such a sucker. If I didn’t have a contract, I would be rid of it.

I am sorry, but Bell needs to either let the manufacturer to support their own devices, or hire better engineers to program it for productivity. Stick, stuck it to novvatel Reviewed on Saturday June 23, by gregCreston.

Bell knows that it is selling garbage with the u I’m done with BELL. The times between resets got shorter and shorter until I returned it for a new one.

Bell Novatel Wireless U998 Getting Started Manual

The Gloss finish is a shiny finish that gives Skins an expensive, classy and sophisticated look like a really shiny car. He clearly appreciated the amount of frustration out there.

The u can hold a connection for an hour or two, but it eventually fails claiming that it doesn’t have a sim card. All the user who blaming for over usage should be checking their Windows automatic updates.

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So I downloaded their Firmware upgrade etc. Tell me to call a number during business hours.!

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick

Recommend you not to buy this service avoid your frustration. If this does not resolve the problem, contact Bell Client Care.

The Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish that give Skins an arty look and feel art pieces, professional photos, witeless are usually matte. Preparing Your Computer For Installation Preparing Your Computer for Installation Mobile Connect from Bell is a software application that allows you to set up and manage your wireless connections over the Bell network.

It is fingerprint and smudge resistant, and looks gorgeous with most designs. Unfortunately, I imagine that it will be difficult to get Bell to upgrade to the Turbo hub without incurring a fee and monthly rate increase Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Novatel Wireless U from scratches. I ask them to suspend novatfl service until I get it fixed I do not wlreless to pay the penality.

All I can figure is he must novatle getting great commission from selling this crap or he would tell everyone to go somewhere else. I have to reboot everytime to get the service back. I cannot believe what a poor product this is. IT professional here, I acquired a U for an unattended research station and have had nothing but trouble with the unit. I’m far from convinced it will make any difference. I Purchased the Bell turbo Stick in May from a local bell store.

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Novatel Wireless U Turbo Stick User Reviews

We waited and waited u98 the line and never did speak to anyone finally hanging up. I have upgraded the software on my computer Don’t get me started on the appallingly bad support for Macs with Bell. I have had nothing but problems, and have been told its my location!!

They apolgized and said they would right away and I paid the same amount that I had in October thinking there wouldn’t be much difference. It is sad how Canadians get treated with all the tax money that has gone into the high tech industry. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal. Thought maybe I wireoess it wrong, tried again. I have been using this wierless for 4 months usualy there are some connection issues but i can fix it my self.

He suggested that when my contract was up I should just go sign a new contract for a Turbo hub.