Time to address your cross-platform software support, Creative. The MuVo, on the other hand, remembers where you were when you hit the off button, and returns there when the power comes back. Follow us on Twitter globetechnology Opens in a new window. The player also ships with Creative’s MediaSource music ripping, management amd playback software. Choose whichever one fits your needs and budget. Below it is the microphone and, under that, the 2. On the right side is the obligatory jog-dial control and separate volume up and down keys.

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Nomad MuVo NX Review – IGN

Choose from individual folders or root directory Delete Settings: That data can be anything – pictures, text files, spreadsheets – but if it happens to be music, which not allow the user to listen to it?

Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee Imperial bringing in budget holograms to teach students. One very nice touch is an LCD orientation option, which flips the display upside down the better suit how you prefer to hold the player when you’re looking at the screen.

The MuVo NX has a tiny mono microphone built into it, and you can store up to eight hours of voice recordings in the Flash memory. Click here to subscribe. The original MuVo had no screen, so you had to guess what song was coming next. About us Who we are Under the hood Contact us Advertise with us. The picture on the left shows the NX in factory state.


Creative MuVo NX

Follow us on Twitter globetechnology Opens in a new window. The MuVo has a high-quality feel when it’s sitting in your palm, the buttons are solid and the enamel paint job on the battery case is sports-car quality. Whether you’re moving a voice file to the PC nxx loading the MuVo with songs, the process is a snap.

The coolest thing in the bundle is the extra battery case.

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Hold function While the menu doesn’t provide such advanced features as language selection or recording bit rate selection, it is very well endowed. It comes with software, but you only need it for formatting.

And at least Creative provides buyers with an alternative colour scheme with the second bundled battery holder. Best geek Halloween pumpkins and nerdy Jack-o’-lanterns from around the ‘net. Of course, that all depends on the encoding rate. Part of Situation Publishing.

Choose whichever one fits your needs and budget. The volume buttons are small but still easy to myvo, and a clickable rocker-switch lets you navigate through the song list and options menu on the MuVo’s tiny screen.

African and Mideast Business. If you are looking for a thumb drive style portable, then the NX should be at the top of your list of candidates. Creative’s own earbuds are a little on the tinny side, perhaps, lacking the more rounded sound of our reference iPod ‘phones. The Real Estate Market.


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The original MuVo rocked the party. Creative has bundled a cheap but cheerful belt clip. Each recording is stored as a sound file, and you can play it back on the MuVo or transfer it to your PC.

The player takes a single Ns cell, and in my tests the life was pretty much spot-on with Creative’s marketing material, which specifies about 12 hours of playback per battery. It seems as if Creative has listened. The original MuVo was a truly innovative device.

The colored battery compartment remains the same and is interchangeable with the older version. The battery life is great, too. There’s no other bass or treble boost option. With a proprietary battery you also have to pay through the juvo should the battery fail and if they’re Li-ion I give it two years maxand five years later when the product is no-longer available, batteries might not be either!