When you load a resource file, loadjava generates the resource schema object name from the resource file name as literally specified on the command line. A resource schema object is always valid because resources are not compiled or resolved. Because running classes use resource schema objects, it is important that you specify resource file names correctly on the command line, and the correct specification is not always intuitive. It does this by prefixing a version of the name of the JAR to the class name to produce a unique name for the database object. The surefire way to load individual resource files correctly is:. This option the default and -resolver are mutually exclusive. If the digest table becomes corrupted loadjava does not update a schema object whose file has changed , use loadjava ‘s -force option to bypass the digest table lookup.

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Do not specify the -thin-oci-userand -password options, because they relate to the database connection for the loadjava command-line tool.

Oracle E – Business Suite: Loadjava

The package is created or replaced by the loadjava tool. Schema object names are slightly different from file names, and loadjava names different types of schema objects differently. When looking for a schema object whose name matches tthin name specification, the resolution operation looks in the schema named by the partner schema specification.


You should always use dropjava to delete a Java schema object that was created with loadjava ; dropping by means of SQL DDL commands will not update auxiliary data maintained by loadjava and dropjava see “Digest Table”. Turns off the bytecode verifier so that uploaded classes are not verified.

If the return type is an arithmetic, charor java. A class that depends on a schema object that becomes invalid is also marked invalid at the same time; in other words, invalidation cascades upward from a class to the classes that use it and the classes that use them, and so on.

You do need to specify the appropriate URL through the -user option. Output is directed to stderr. The -encoding option is relevant only when loading a source file. Use -oracleresolver or do not specify -resolver except when you want to test a class regardless of its unresolved references. How to do this?

Compiles, if necessary, and resolves external references in classes after all classes on the command line have been loaded.

If you do not want to follow this rule, then observe the details of resource file naming that follow. Forces files to be loaded, even if they match digest table entries. But if I want to use the Oracle server-side compiler Directs loadjava to generate and display debugging information. That library is pd4ml. Table summarizes the dropjava arguments. JServerPermission Verifier must uwing granted to use this option. The best way to load individual resource files is to specify their names relative to the directory you would list in CLASSPATHand then run loadjava from that directory.

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The argument -user specifies a username, password, and optional database connect string in the following format:.

Specifies an explicit resolver specification, which is bound to the newly loaded classes.

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A schema specification can be a schema name or the wildcard character dash. Error compilation oracle loadjava innerclass I want to load some Java classes in oracle db 12c.

If I do this: Each reference list item contains a reference to another class, and one of the following:. To make a resource file accessible to the JVM, you use loadjava to create and load tuin Java resource schema object from the resource file. What does this skipping mean? With option -thinyou must specify the connect string database in this format: If the return type is voidthen a procedure is created.

In the server I managed to use loadjava as below: You can specify all the options except -user-oci8and -thin because this version of loadjava always connects to the current session. Argument Details File Names dropjava interprets most file names as loadjava does:.