It also means there are no buttons or dials to spoil its minimalist metallic design, making it an attractive player overall. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve looked at Apple’s countless iPod iterations and asked ourselves “Why haven’t they released a touch-screen version? Or, to skip to the next track, you can run your finger from the left- to the right-hand side of the screen. As you’d expect, with the small 2. Videos are sorted in the same manner as music.

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LG FM37 touch-screen MP3 player

Features The main menu screen consists of six option icons displayed like the numbers around a clock face. This program is laid out in a straightforward way and can be used to transfer your files onto the player quickly and easily, rm37 you can also use Windows Media Player 10 or simply drag and drop required files using Windows Explorer. Of the seven processing modes on offer, only Bass Boost and X-Live are worth using, fk37 others such as Stadium, Concert Hall and Club are rather annoying.

Although the minimalist, ‘less is more’ style is effective, a larger screen could’ve put this player leagues ahead of the competition. This Cm37 player is equipped with a 4GB flash memory. New Delhi, 23rd July, It’s a very refreshing way to navigate an MP3 player. This track sounded even brighter than from our Apple iPod. Well, pretty well would be the simple answer.


It is intuitive, easy and overall it’s one of the best touch screen implementations we’ve seen fm377 any device in a while.

The FM37 offers a variety of features commonly seen on digital media players ffm37 days. The bass lines in Slam by Pendulum — a powerful electronic dance track — boomed into our ear canals like a war siren.

With excellent sound quality, however, the fashion conscious can’t go too far wrong. With gorgeous looks, impressive performance and an ingenious user interface, LG’s slinky media player is a right touch, despite the small screen.

An FM radio is also included and, although it gets decent reception outside, indoors we couldn’t find a single station, so its usefulness is quite limited. Among its features are a MP3 voice recorder, a couple of fiendishly addictive games and a text viewer, though not the FM tuner alluded to in the instruction manual. This is the simplest method of file transfer and is so much better than any sort of proprietary software requirements.

Highs of the Counting Crows track, American Girlswere clear and well defined. Again, this track sounded brighter than on other players.

Would you buy this? COM website please follow below instructions. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate. Alternatively, LG does provide software to help sort and synchronise your music, the LG Media Centre, but as mentioned this isn’t a necessity. If you can afford the price tag, it ffm37 well worth the money. You can also use ‘gestures’ to control playback.


But how has it aged?

Also pleasing is that the screen’s pixel structure is virtually invisible. It produced a clear and sharp image with smooth edges and little motion blur.

As you’d expect, with the small 2. The main menu features recognisable icons for each function – simply tap one and you’re away.

LG FM37 Black/Silver ( 2 GB ) Digital Media Player

Continue to next page 01 Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Meanwhile the playback screen allows two control options. Pros Touchscreen, Drag and drop, Good quality sound, Lots of features. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps.

We did have the occasional error, particularly when the menu was in list mode, but our general experience was a positive one.