Paper Information This machine is equipped with the following trays for loading copy paper. Magnification [3] Preset Key continued 2. The initial paper tray setting should not conflict with the initial setting for Lens Mode. Help Mode provides two types of Help Screen according to the current screen mode: Mode continued Select the desired magnification and paper size on the Basic Screen. When selecting Insertion mode: Setting Print Quantity This section describes how to set or change print quantity.

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Tray 3 See p.

Konica 7045 Instructions

Inserting a New Staple Cartridge continued Remove the empty staple case from the cartridge. Don’t have an account?

This is especially useful when special paper is used on a regular basis and is always placed in a specific paper tray. Please read before copying.

Touch to display the information on Touch to display the positioning originals in the document information on adding toner. I To Scan Originals into Memory Store Mode Store mode allows you to scan all the originals first, then to start continuous printing job. Only Touch to print the first page selected watermark or stamp on the first page only. The glass may also be cleaned with a soft cloth koniica ened slightly with water, if it is difficult to be cleaned. Paper Information This machine is equipped with the following trays for loading copy paper.

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Page Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter continued Use the control panel keypad to enter the page number of each title page. When selecting any other tray, touch the desired tray key. Select the tray in which you loaded To release AMS, select the desired magnification, then Key Operator Mode The application function keys currently set are displayed on the screen.

In this case, the scanned image data will not be deleted from memory.

Touch The Ionica Selection Screen will be restored. Interrupt copying is available when the copier is performing the following operations: AMS is selected automatically.

Konica Toner, Parts, Supplies, and Accessories

To select Non-sort mode, de- select all the keys. Displaying Screen for Operation Guide Help Mode The Help Screen provides you with the information about the current screen mode and about setting procedures. Set the new toner bottle into the toner unit. Page 2 Thank you very much for your purchase of the Konica Copying Using Konics This section describes various copying features available on this machine using built- in memory.

Procedure Key Operator Mode Page 78 Interrupt Copying continued Press to start the interrupt copy- ing. Push down the staple cartridge lever to release the staple cartridge from the cartridge holder. Displays current status of the machine.

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Erasing Outside of the Original Non-Image Area Erase The Non-image area erase mode is used to copy non standard or special originals, such as books, magazines, paste-ups, graphs, thick or thin materials, etc. Please contact your service centre, if desired. Indirect electrostatic method Platen glass: How to Access the Key Operator Mode continued Use the keypad on the touch screen to enter your 4-digit key operator pass- word; then touch If an invalid Key operator pass- word is entered, continue by entering the valid 4-digit pass- word.

Page 6 Contents Advanced Section 7: Interrupt Copying continued Press to start the interrupt copy- ing.

Copying Image in the Centre of Copy Paper AUTO Layout Use this function to detect the image area of the original on the platen glass and centre the whole image on the copy paper konicx it easy to copy small pieces of paper. Check that the job name has been correctly en- tered. These actions enable you to continue the job or suspend the job. Automatically selected when the AMS key is touched.