Despite the slight softness overall though, details are equally sharp throughout the frame, from corner to corner, something I look for in a digicam. Low-Light Tests Excellent low-light performance, with good color and exposure in almost total darkness. Shot to shot cycle times are likewise a good bit better than average, at 1. The camera took in plenty of light, and with shutter speeds as long as 64 seconds, shots like this are a piece of cake. Announced May 4,

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In practice, the Favorites function works in conjunction with Kodak’s EasyShare software, installed on your computer.

When it’s time to charge the battery, just pop it into the included charger. Using kidak same shot, here’s a look at kodak dx7440 changing the ISO sensitivity kodak dx7440 the amount of noise in your images:.

Both numbers are quite a bit lower than average. Outward apearance of camera is wonderful!

Keep kodak dx7440 mind kodak dx7440, that digital zoom decreases the overall image quality, since it just stretches the kodaj pixels of the CCD image. Hopefully the disappearing text on the lens isn’t a bad omen! Also low at higher ISO settings, but a heavy price is paid in terms of image detail. Best advice is to use the optical viewfinder in kodak dx7440 situations. Overall, not bad, but Kosak have been happier with a little better accuracy and lower contrast.

Sets the resolution for still images.

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Kodak EasyShare DX7440 zoom digital camera — User’s guide

The first mode on rx7440 Kodak dx7440 dial, Movie mode is indicated by a movie camera icon. Nice product,sadly no power charger or memory card. Just as important as an extra memory card is a tool to rescue your images kodak dx7440 one of your cards fails at some point in the future. Then decide if the DX’s photo quality kodak dx7440 your expectations.

My review Nice product,sadly no power charger or memory card. Aperture and Shutter Priority modes let you control either aperture or shutter speed, while the camera selects the appropriate corresponding variable.

The DX employs a Multi-Pattern metering system, which bases the exposure on kodak dx7440 light readings taken throughout the frame, taking into consideration both brightness and subject contrast to arrive at the optimum exposure. Once you connect to your computer, the EasyShare software will allow you to e-mail koda, photos that you tagged.

Not sure which camera kodak dx7440 buy?

DCRP Review: Kodak EasyShare DX

The table below shows a standard kodak dx7440 and quality series, followed by ISO, sharpness, saturation, and color series. The red kodak dx7440 increases the pink in Marti’s skin tones, and makes the blue flowers dark and purplish, but the results overall are quite good when compared to most cameras’ auto white balance photos on this test. In Playback mode, the controller scrolls through captured images, when moved left and right.

Shutter Lag and Cycle Time: Pressing this button kodak dx7440 Review mode automatically enables Playback mode, and displays the Share menu with the following options: Most of the issues I raised in this paragraph become moot if you’re printing at 8 x 10 or smaller, iodak downsizing images for the web.


The kodak dx7440 end fared about the same, also with an 0.

Kodak dx7440 do not need the camera dock to fully enjoy the DX — you can do kodak dx7440 dx74400 things without it. This screen haspixels which makes images on the screen nice and sharp. Flash Range Test A low-intensity flash, with significant koda beyond 8 kodak dx7440 or so. You cannot use the optical zoom during filming. You cannot attach an external flash to the DX Here’s a very exciting sample movie, taken at the VGA setting.

Since the camera does not accommodate AA-type batteries, I highly recommend picking up a spare battery pack and keeping it on-hand and freshly charged. The door that covers all this is quite flimsy.

You can kodak dx7440 the AF area to read only the center of the frame through the Record menu, or choose Selectable AF, which lets you set the AF area at center, or to the left or right of center. November kodak dx7440, Last Updated: