Recommended Paper Recommended paper Plain Paper: If there is still a problem, call Imagistics National cut off. Fax Tones And Handshake Page 13 Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Coding Method Method of coding the information contained in the original document.

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Imagistics sx2100 User Manual

Using The Automatic Document Feeder adf If you do not use the printer very often, the paper may have been in the paper tray too long. You will not be able to continue to schedule Delayed Send or Polling jobs.

Pull the jammed paper up and out of the machine. Using R R Passcode Dial your fax number from a telephone or another fax machine using touch tone.

Improving The Print Quality Inagistics the print quality This section provides information on the following topics: Save Toner You can conserve toner using this feature.

Replacing The Toner Cartridge Packing and shipping the machine Whenever you transport the machine, use the packing materials that came with your machine.


Printing Caller Id List Auto sets the machine to calculate the reduction ratio that fits the size of your paper. How To Load Paper Why Should There Be Problems Registering The Unique Ring Pattern Enter Copy Mode It may crack the panel.

Setting The Print Density Even if the LCD shows Change Drum Soon, you may be able to continue printing without having to replace the drum unit imagisticd a while. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the RENs of all the devices does not exceed five.


Page Coding Method Method of coding the information contained in the original document. Error messages As with any sophisticated office product, errors may occur. I-1 Remote Retrieval Access card If you are dialing overseas, you can press as many times as needed to increase the length of the pause. Contrast You can adjust copy contrast to make copies darker imabistics lighter.

Menu Press Page Counter Total: Imagistics Letter Imagistics Legal Transparency: Page 48 Menu To access the menu, press Press the Menu numbers.

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Supplies for Imagistics sx2100

Wear an antistatic wrist strap when you install or remove the board. Enter Press Use the dial pad to enter your customized comment. Save Toner Save Toner You can conserve toner using this feature.

Stop Imagistiics the Out of Memory message appears, press to cancel or Start to copy scanned pages. Unique Ring A subscriber service purchased from the telephone company that provides another phone number on an existing phone line.

Multi-line connections PBX Most offices use a central telephone system.

If you do not have an antistatic wrist strap, frequently touch the bare metal on the printer. Enter Press Enter the registered 4-digit password. Options Options Use the key to set the following copy settings only for the next copy.