Some features of the product and its accessories described herein. Safety Precautions Please read the safety precautions carefully to ensure the correct use of your mobile phone. When you pair your phone with the device for the first time, a password is required. Read 2 Reviews Write a Review. People unlock their phones for numerous reasons. To call an extension number, enter the phone number, press three times to enter P or four times to enter W, and enter the extension number.

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Where can I download the U manual? RF signals may affect electronic huawei u2801 of motor vehicles.

Reviewed on Tuesday June 16, by DieterMissisauga. When you have to make or answer a call, park the vehicle at the road side before using your device.

Press nuawei keys huawei u2801 with the letters required to spell the desired character in Pinyin. HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to huawei u2801 phones with over 1, members and growing!

Huawei U2801

Phone unlocking is used when you would like to change Networks huawei u2801 service providers using the same device. Huawei u2801 conclusion, i expected 50CAD cell phone to be lousy, but this ‘phone’ ain’t worth even that. To call this a phone,would be totally unconstitutional.


The Huawei U’s screen size is 1. Huawei u2801 once to delete the character on the left of the cursor, or press and hold to delete all the characters on the left of the huawei u2801. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Customers shall not in any manner reproduce, distribute, modify. This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat I’d like to spend In fact, many users have absolutely no need for these and are huawei u2801 content with more traditional mobile phone functions like text messaging and voice calls.

I can not install music, it took me an hour to download and the suite to open and yet I have huawei u2801 been able to do a things with huawei u2801 Internal memory is MB.

Huawei U secret codes

Not all phones huawei u2801 to have large touchscreen displays, always-on Internet access, or a large selection of third-party software. We’ve got you covered! Do not use your mobile phone in a moist environment, such as the bathroom. You’d think something simple would be designed well Reviewed on Friday April 10, by RileyVancouver. Do not attempt to disassemble your huawei u2801 phone or its accessories. How easy it is to huawei u2801 with this phone.


Huawei U Specifications

Keypad locking on these phones huawei u2801 just to prevent pocket dialing and you only need to press the two given buttons in sequence to unlock it for an emergency call or anything else. Huawei u2801 profile 1 activated. The phone is receiving and sending data through 2G network.

Huawei u2801 1 Getting Started Access The Internet devices, and then pair your phone with the desired device. This is unecessary, to start: How to unlock your Huawei U 1. The connection, however, cannot be guaranteed in all conditions.

Please help us spread the word. To download the latest PC Suite software, go to http: I switched huawei u2801 it on wind because they wouldn’t take my L4N from Virgin.