Another way is to look into other third party print management products for Citrix environments. This is commonly found in dot matrix or line printers, ink jet printers, or older laser printers that do not support the HP PCL5e printer language. For best results, these printers should be in IBM or Epson emulation mode, if possible. Gestetner Multifunctional PCL 5e Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting.

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Supported Printers – DirectOfficeâ„¢ Mobile Print

Like everywhere printing is a big topic also in my farm. Check here to start a new keyword search. You may notice that the file size of the installer software is much smaller than the file size of your actual driver.

IBM i Print Software version: This document might not list all available printer models. Furthermore, the printer might need to be in a particular emulation mode to work well with the System i.

Even if this means providing a driver for a similar but compatible printer.

There is also a major problem of different versions of. If you cannot find information on a particular printer model and cannot find any similar printer models listed, contact the Rochester Support Center for assistance by calling IBM-SERV and selecting the option for Software Support.


This printer language ;cl a Windows-optimized printer data language.

In many cases, this document will list pcll printer models that support the same printer data streams. Gestetner Gestetner Gestetner Gestetner p. Hi I often use the “built-in” MS drivers as much as I can but it’s often not possible. Dot matrix, line matrix, impact, ink jet, and thermal label printers usually support only one printer emulation mode at a time.

Document information More support for: Gestetner DSc Multifunctional drivers for free download. I don’t have any experience with either of them so I cannot give you any tips but it may be worth wile to evaluate.


United States English English. If you have a printer that requires a host based driver dsd a HP LaserJet 4 driver which may work or tell them it is not happening on your Citrix servers.

On the other hand I’m afraid lots of different HP-drivers could cause other problems because of files they use in common.

Host based drivers and sucide for a Citrix server spooler. The reason is that first the installer setup file is downloaded, and then the installer software does the work of fetching your driver from our fastest download server. Uncensored Free Free – Adventure Gangstar: This is actually what the mess looks like on a TS at the moment: IBM support does not actively search for information about new or different printers.


Apologies for the inconvenience. None of the above, continue with my search. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. On the TSE there are approx.

You have up to 6 different drivers for the same model of printer. Therefore I am about to clean-up the drivers on my TS and printservers. Gestetner Multifunctional PCL 6 7.

Gestetner Dsc | Dsc :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

This document is not updated on a regular basis. It safely downloads and verifies your driver and then assists in the installation of it. Where possible use the driver that came on the Windows server CD, not a 3rd party driver. Gestetner Multifunctional PCL 5e Gestetner Multifunctional PostSc.