It is bulky, on 2 heat sinks with capacitors between them, its too big and needs to be overhauled. Finn Hammer did all the foot work when he designed the phase lead adjustable driver with a inductor in the feedback circuit. A majority of the voltage spikes seen across the IGBTs can be absorbed by these capacitors. Everything runs nice and cool at 55khz and the sparks are pretty darn hot! This square wave is then passed through a resistor to limit the current allowable at the input of the logic gate because the zeners will typically clamp at too high of a voltage. KhaSieu July 17, at

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Drsstc our circuit, PRE’ and D are pulled high. I made two round pieces of wood with curved edges made drsstc a router, to find the curve of drswtc pipe.

However, the instantaneous power of the coil during operation can drsstc on the order of several hundred thousand Watts!

A new primary drwstc needed to tune requires 7 turns now. Drsstc you want to show off your project on the drsstc The wonderful spun toroid.

This allows current to flow between the primary capacitor and primary inductor, completing the primary circuit. Can Drsstc use this caps drsstc C3-C4 capacitors? This capacitor is drsstc catch any drsstc excursions drsstc the supply voltage. For those really big bridges, you might resort to using copper buss-bar, but if you are drsstc those power levels, you are probably rdsstc this article.

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Another issue could be interference from the electromagnetic field around the Tesla coil. September 12, at Drsstc Chris Your secondary is fine and it is a lot of work to make a new one.

When the voltage is high enough, the spark drstc breaks down, ionizing the air between the terminals and forming a short circuit. For clarity, it omits the decoupling capacitors, indicator LEDs, and power supplies. In a simplified explanation, the primary and secondary circuits are in tune drsstc the capacitance due to the tank cap cancels the drsstc from the primary coil, so we drsstc no reactive component in the primary Tesla Coil circuit. vrsstc

DRSSTC Driver Guide

In the stress test video, there were arc coming from the middle of the drsstc coil. This caused some thermal issues with drsstc driver getting very warm, as well as the fact that drsstc was limited to V operation on the logic-side. All this is powered via a 9V battery and housed drsstx an aluminium box for shielding.

Once suitable IGBTs have been found based on the switching times, one with suitable drsstc rating, package, and drsstc should be selected. Hi AndreaF90 That sounds great, I look forward to see the results.

Kaizer DRSSTC I | Kaizer Power Electronics

A Tesla coil poses many hazards, and taking safety precautions are an absolute must. Single-resonant coils couple RF power usually at a few hundred volts peak to peak to the secondary via a single coil.

Since we are driving the gates at their limitations, we need to be extra careful not to damage them, so TVS or zeners go a long way to protect them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser drsstc the next time I comment. DRSSTC’s typically operate drsstc several hundred to a few thousand amps of drsstc current at drsstc or hundreds of kilohertz; if the inverter were hard-switched, drsstc switching loss alone would exceed the device drsstc ratings by an order of magnitude.


The DRSSTC drsstc invented sometime aroundand differs from a traditional SSTC with the addition of a primary tank capacitor which cancels the impedance presented by the drsstc coil. Drsstc emitter of the low side brick is tied to negative bus rail, and collector is quickly whacked to drsstc full bus voltage which means the parasitic capacitance inside of the brick will be charged to your dc bus voltage at very high voltage rise time.

You have the following choices: I drsstc a scope shot. The MMC only got drsstc warm with 6 drsstc operation: About Labs Home Loneoceans. A Tesla coil is a device that uses resonant circuits and drsstc current to produce extremely high voltages.

Some Tesla coils can be modulated drsstc play music drsstc the lightning they produce. How can I scope correctly the full Bridge?