One of the most notorious road agents was nicknamed “Sugarfoot” When he and his gang accosted Charley’s stage, it was the last robbery the thief ever attempted. Wearing a black patch over one eye, he was referred to as ‘ one eyed Charlie ‘. Parkhurst smoked cigars, chewed wads of tobacco, fought and drank with the best of them, and exuded supreme confidence behind the reins. So she decided to masquerade as one for the rest of her life. He later named a settlement after himself at the southeastern end of Knights Valley in Sonoma County—Fossville. All parties apparently survived but Mountain Charley was left with a very disfigured face. December 18, Watsonville, California.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Anonymous November 25, at 8: There are no records to indicate that she voted but some people contend that she would have, as a male, and today parkhurt is a plaque on the wall at the Soquel California Fire Station highlighting the fact. He later moved into a small cabin about six miles from Watsonville and suffered from rheumatism in his later years.

Posted by Peter at 3: Charley runs away from an orphanage. She was described as good with a gun and not afraid to use it if necessary. Sometimes the name was seen as Charlie Parkhurst.


One-Eyed Charley: The Cross-Dressing Stagecoach Driver | Mobile Ranger

He assumed she was a boy and took him back to Rhode Island to raise as his own son. To be a Woman.

Charley keeps candy in her pockets for children. Phineas Banning was born August 19, in Delaware, the ninth of eleven children.

One-Eyed Charley: The Cross-Dressing Stagecoach Driver

She knew that death was approaching, but she did not relax the reticence of her later years other than chwrley express a few wishes as to certain things to be done at her death.

California Sesquicentennial Board of Directors, California: Some sources say Charlotte was born there.

Short hair was pakhurst to keep clean and vermin-free. This was 52 years before the 19th amendment granted women the right! Book formatting for author originated publishing, POD, and small presses – fast, friendly service.

He held the reins when President Ulysses S.

Nothing was mentioned of seeing Ed Balch while she was in Providence. Parkhurst wore one patch over the left eye, the result of an injury caused by a kick from a horseand had a throaty gruff voice. Artist’s rendition of Charley Parkhurst. He wore long white gauntlet gloves and always dressed neatly.

Mountain Democrat, Placerville, California, April 6, Dissertations and theses edited and formatted — fast, friendly service. I am now thoroughly confused, you say there were 2 persons name Parkhust, I stavecoach like some clarification. Wearing a black patch over one eye, he was referred to as ‘ one eyed Charlie ‘.


Charley Parkhurst

Charley had a reputation as a very capable stage driver and one of the fastest yet safe whips stagrcoach all California. For fifteen years she worked at farming and doing lumbering in the winter. The idea of a woman living her life as a man and not being discovered with all of those macho stagecoach drivers she hung out with was amazing to me.

Visitors still place flowers on her grave. She did spectacular things in her lifetime. On November 3,it was reported that Charlotte Parkhurst voted in the national election, making her the first woman to cast a ballot since Parkhufst Jersey became the last state to revoke the right in These are two rare and very xtagecoach California historic landmarks.

On average, more than passengers used the line daily to reach Virginia City from California.