May also have a number printed on case. And they’re tough, too. If you want to transfer one of the 8 files from the onboard flash memory, you hit send, and it ghost-types the text into whatever application you have open. Dana’s matrix is the same, too, as I’ve used used a Dana keyboard in a Neo before. And maybe Neo’s arrow keys eat up a tad more space on the bottom, too. The particular AlphaSmart unit that I own was built in or so, and even back then it was outdated. If you want to go even lower-tech, my friend Shlok writes his drafts on paper…using a typewriter.

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Are those all the switches that aren’t working?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is a word processor which is capable of connecting to a Mac or PC computer via a usb cable not included.

Hey folks, just wanted to update that I’ve posted an interest check for a new version. You can sleep on them, and then the next day, go re-write the alphasmwrt thing on your favorite cloud-based software.

I am currently writing this sentence on the device that you can see in the above picture.

AlphaSmart – Wikipedia

LazyDog Thread Starter Posts: As for the matrix, I disassembled a spare Neo and checked the matrix against some other guy’s chart who was ripping apart alphasmarg AS3K. I made one too! To be clear, it doesn’t have the capability to write directly to a flash drive without an intervening computer.


The Neo also ran a newer operating system that allowed for modular control of SmartApplets and a new version of AlphaWord the word processing SmartAppletwhich allowed dynamic file resizing.

All I need in this life of sin…

Alphasmart Refine Results. Along with a more ergonomic design, the case of the AlphaSmart was curvy and blue. I have an Alphasmart ordered for end of week. Unxmaal on Mon, 11 September Unxmaal on Wed, 13 September The Dana one of the last devices made by AlphaSmart, Inc. Advanced search it’s a keyboard thing.

AlphaSmart NEO: Why this crappy portable word processor is GREAT for writing!

It has USB built in and infrared! Because of their alphamsart purpose, they have also developed a cult following among people like me, who like to write things but also possess terrible attention spans and love to fall into a sea of Firefox tabs instead of actually writing.

I really want to do this with a Neo2, as it is a better device, but coming up with a PCB and learning Kicad may be more than I want to do. Like the Alphasmart Pro, it had a kB memory. I’m working on making 300 for myself now. It looked like it was all the way in, but it wasn’t.

Skip to main content. Units may have Zip Code and or School letters engraved on bottom.


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I guess I had too much beer that evening The screen was taller than that of alpahsmart original AlphaSmart products, and the Dana’s casing was made from opaque dark-blue plastic—a change from the alpphasmart clear blue of the AlphaSmart This marvelous device buffers your keystrokes while you’re away from the computer, and then uploads what you typed into any open application, such as MS Word, when you return.

Used item in good condition. It was compatible with nearly every Palm OS application, and some Palm apps could take advantage of the Dana’s extra-wide screen, which was 3. While there definitely are ridiculous blog posts and forums threads where people talk about how much they love their AlphaSmarts, most of the alphasmrt is strictly limited to how practical these things areor teasing out teentsy differences between various AlphaSmart models. AlphaSmarts could transfer data either by a special program that communicated with the AlphaSmart or by the simpler method of alphasmaft the keystrokes of the written text as if it were the computer’s keyboard.

Has minor etching and scratches due to normal daily use. And they’re tough, too.